Pixel Battle: Gun Strike 3D (Pocket Edition)



Caution!!! You are about to enter a pixel city! Beware!! This is not a peaceful city, it is packed with evil cubes which you must destroy in this grand battle between the good and the bad guys. Don’t let the bad guys win, prepare for a real pixel combat arena, choose your weapon, aim and shoot to wipe them out for good! Be the last man standing in cube shooting games! It`s time for real and exciting action games so be brave and accept all challenges in this open world!!


Step into the block world and exterminate all blocky characters on your way and on the top of it, survive! Cubes are not your only problem, you must also destroy vehicles and buildings to progress. If you want to become a hero and an ultimate pixel shooter in block craft shooting games you must be armed to the teeth! Choose your weapon wisely, use a machine gun, a revolver, a bomb or a pixel gun turret, it`s up to you! Drive cars, buses, planes, tanks or helicopters, switch to the third person shooter mode, do whatever it takes to stay alive as long as possible in pixel shooting games!



Features of the game:

First person shooter and third person shooter game
30 exciting missions
Powerful and realistic weapons, guns and bombs
Realistic weapon sounds
High resolution graphics in pixel style
Tanks, cars, helicopters, busses and planes to drive
Achievements and rewards


Are you ready to become a true pixel shooter in the best first person shooter game? You better be, there is no time to waste, the grand battle is about to begin! You will have a lot of work to do, apart from destroying cubes, you must destroy cars, tanks, vans, helicopters and more to complete all missions and become a champion in cube shooting games.

Arm yourself if you want to survive, pick a pixel gun turret, a bomb or any other weapon that may help you win! Don’t let the cubics defeat you, be brave and resist this


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©2017 eWeapons™
Pixel Battle: Gun Strike 3D (Pocket Edition) application has been created for entertainment purposes only.

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