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If you are a gun enthusiast then we are sure that you are already aware of the gun owning trend that only seems to be growing. But, not everyone can be a gun owner because after all, guns are not toys. Do not feel disappointed yet because there is way for you to be a gun owner and if you are a fan of simulator games you are simply going to love it. Gun Builder Custom Guns is a weapon simulator app that allows you to build your own custom guns and make them only yours and unique.


With the Gun Builder Custom Guns app there will be no more same old pistols and this weapon simulator is an amazing because it allows you to release your creativity and design guns you will be happy to shoot from. This custom gun app has all the popular pistols, so you can choose your favorite one and customize it to your taste.  We believe that you will have a lot of fun while using this app, because you will get the feeling like you are firing from a real gun.


Realistic pistol mechanics, authentic pistol parts and high resolution graphics will simply captivate you and make this simulator game your favorite app. You will enjoy customizing your guns, mainly because you will have a lot of options. You will be able choose which part of the gun you want to design first and do not worry, the selection of customizable parts is big. There are a lot of designs to choose from, starting from military print to flags and even animal prints, which we believe the girls will absolutely love.


Another great thing with Gun Builder Custom Guns is that you will have unlimited ammo and this is not the only thing that makes this app great. Inside the app you also have a mini game where you can practice your shooting skills in a shooting range game. This mini game is a first person shooting game and consists of levels which you complete by acquiring enough points to move on to the next one. We believe that you will have a blast while you are blasting from your favorite gun.


As you can see, you can indeed be a gun owner and the best part is you will always have your gun right there in your pocket and play with it with a single tap. You can even play a tournament with your friends in the shooting range game and make this Gun Builder Custom Guns app even more interesting. Other interesting features besides the first person shooting game is that this app has realistic sounds of fire and smoke, realistic recoil effects and the option of using your camera flash to make the shooting even more real . Under settings you can even enable slow motion where you can watch the bullets fire away slowly and admire the high resolution graphic.


On top of everything you can share photos of your custom guns on your social media networks and admire their beauty and built.  So, now that you are aware of all the options and possibilities the Gun Builder Custom Guns has, do not wait any longer, download the app and start customizing your guns right away.


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